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Dualdual control function, in the detection of room temperature and increase the temperature of the heating test. When the room temperature and heating plate temperature is lower than the set value, the thermostat will automatically start heating; when the room temperature or electric heating temperature one reaches the set value, the thermostat will automatically stop heating. Which protects the electric heating, electric heating can work at a reasonable temperature, more secure, reliable, and make the system more efficient.
Through the control panel setting continuous working time and stop heating time, preventing the heating module in the process of continuous heating, and can ensure the heating temperature of the whole heating area is appropriate, has a good automatic energy saving, and can be used in different heating area of multi temperature sensor, making the controller can expand the monitoring position of heating, so as to make the corresponding position of the heating device to stop working, and prevent local overheating.
Simple operation, can achieve the ground temperature control mode, and will be set to 6 consecutive times a day, each time with the corresponding preset temperature value. In addition, we can choose the operation mode of the time control or temporary control, which can be controlled by the cycle, and realize the free operation and economic operation.
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