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China International Automobile Exhibition
Release Date: 2015-09-18   Click number: 2057  Source:
Start date: 2015-09-19
End date: 2015-07-22
Exhibition type: International Exhibition
Exhibition address: Hongqiao Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center
Distinguished exhibitors:
Thank you for your attention to the CIARE China International Auto Expo (Expo).
Exposure to the world's largest auto market, how companies have a global vision, to participate in domestic and international division of labor and competition? This is a very present
Real problem. In particular, I recommend to you, China international car modification Expo, I hope you find the answer through this platform.
Who we are: CIARE Expo is composed of Chinese auto change led by the Ministry of Commerce and China installed Products Association, professional exhibition modification. Committed to build China's top conversion exhibition platform, modified car industry chain trade show platform, modified car policy release port, modified car culture communication window, modified car experience platform.
What we want to do: now we are doing, to carry forward the modification of culture, improve the image of the modified industry, publicity and modification of corporate brand, improve market acceptance, improve the base of the modified population. Future: industry standardization, standardization, normalization, legalization.
Exhibitors: global brands, brand agents, domestic manufacturers
The audience positioning: dealers, stores, modification, modification, and other 4S shop fancier Club
Booth planning: 6.1 modified car brand Hall
Sound limit: 80 dB less than
Booth limited height: 6 meters
Two, value-added services:
1, to help exhibitors, the national customer EDM brand publicity.
(EDM is introduced: help exhibitors, exhibitors before making corporate brochure, brochure contains (brand introduction, product introduction and contact information), sent to the 6850 converted stores and distributors help exhibitors, national brand publicity.
2, to help companies OTO propaganda
Introduction: OTO is a line, the line is connected, the full range of brand publicity. Line to participate in the CIARE to the Expo site, the site of the booth and product 360 degree panorama shooting, upload to online. OTO service not only allows exhibitors to enjoy the show, the site of the 4 antenna, but also to enjoy the 365 antenna on the promotional examples:
Three, on-site activities:
Activity 1: "new trend new product new technology will be"
Introduction: the enterprise has the right to apply for, PPT speech, introduce own enterprise and product.
Process: 1, submit a speech PPT, through the organizers of the trial. 2, the organizers to carry out before the enterprise, speech time and place. 3, business arrangement speaker.
Audience: the national leadership, global brands, brand agents, domestic producers, modified shop owners, distributors, media.
2: "CIARE lucky scratch"
Introduction: 1, exhibitors have the right to apply for the draw on the card, printed with their own brand logo and company information 2, exhibitors have the right to apply for the award by their own. For example: each to provide products, can provide consumer discount card.
Process: 1, submit the application form. 2, after the organizer, the enterprise provides the relevant information or prizes.
Activity 3: "CIARE modified car show up"
Introduction: exhibitors will be modified vehicles and models, arranged to show. Finally to their own modification of the accessories.
Activity 4: "CIARE World Cup car audio 72 hours on site modification competition"
IASCA*CN, is the world's most authoritative international car audio contest organization IASCA only authorized China (including Hong Kong and Macao regions) organization, specializing in IASCA events in China and the industry promotion activities.
CHINA IASCA was founded in 2004, has held more than 50 games in the country so far. It has made great contribution to the popularization of the automobile audio and video culture, promoting the technological progress of the domestic automobile industry and the promotion of the brand promotion.
Activity 5: "CIARE global car modification forum"
Introduction: at home and abroad, professional modification technician, modified brand chiefs and leaders of relevant departments of the state, the industry elite, gathered together.
Process: 1, just apply for participation.