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Internet + strengthen the strength of parts and components enterprises
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Experts generally believe that the era of mobile Internet will bring disruptive technology revolution in the automotive industry, and even the reconstruction of the automotive industry, but will not subvert, replace the traditional parts and components enterprises, but will strengthen the strength of traditional parts enterprises in many aspects, parts enterprises to actively open thinking to meet the changes brought about by the Internet era.
Topic 1: the arrival of the era of the mobile Internet, will give the traditional parts industry which opportunities and challenges?
Pay in Wu: from the future development of technology, there is no doubt that the power driven, intelligent, interconnected will become the technology development trend of the automotive industry. Along with the development of new technology revolution, some new parts and components enterprises will increase the chance of birth, the automobile industry chain will be stretched, the innovation chain will continue to enrich, the industry convergence needs more intense than before.
Cross boundary development will become an important feature of the development of the automobile industry in this stage. Industry barriers, boundaries will become increasingly blurred. Automobile manufacturing technology, material application, production mode will change greatly.
The changes in the mobile Internet will be reflected in all aspects of the industry chain. For example, with the purchase, production and management of the application of intelligent management, the user's personalized needs of the product will be more easy to meet. Of course, this is also the part of the enterprise to develop faster and better meet the needs of the entire vehicle development challenges.
Mobile Internet is also a lot of business in the subdivision of the field to achieve leapfrog beyond the possibility of. The trend of the development of the auto parts enterprises, the ability to integrate resources, technology, and the requirements of reactive power. If you can use the mobile Internet big data, collect and integrate all kinds of data, the domestic parts and components enterprises more easy to achieve leapfrog beyond.
He Zhaodan: the impact of the mobile Internet era, not only reflected in the creation, storage and dissemination of information and fast, more important is the direct or indirect impact on people's ideas and ideas as well as behavior. For enterprises, the era of mobile Internet will directly affect the business strategy and management and culture. Especially for the traditional auto parts enterprises, the impact is comprehensive and in-depth, there are a lot of positive and more facing great challenges.
For example, we all know that an enterprise in the competition to maintain its core competitiveness, but the reality is that in the process of technological revolution in the industrial development, many enterprises are likely to become the core competitiveness of the industry itself is the industry transformation of resistance, or subversion of the object. Companies want to evergreen, but challenges in today many traditional enterprise industrial structure may face reconstruction, new competitors doesn't provide similar products or substitute, but have the same resource (such as human resources) cross industry person (he only needs to snatch your resources and non market). Overall, in the mobile Internet era, the traditional parts and components enterprises from strategic positioning, strategic choice, as well as supporting the overall strategy of the overall strategy and operations need to be adjusted to adapt to the new development.
Topic two: Mobile Internet era of traditional parts and components enterprises to bring what specific changes?
He Zhaodan: for the enterprise, the Internet era is a very important impact, is the product update iteration cycle is shorter. With mobile Internet platform, enterprises can directly understand the user needs and preferences and problem feedback, the original need 12 months or even 18 months to complete the update of the product, now 1 to 3 months can be updated in time to complete, the enterprise can quickly seize the market. For businesses that need to directly face the end consumers, the Internet can greatly reduce the cost of marketing links, so as to reduce inventory and capital occupancy, etc., making the company to achieve light asset operations.
Mobile Internet core business philosophy is still to create value for customers, but its business model is mostly free or with the user's interests, especially Google's business model is so. Mobile Internet business model has created a new demand. Hangsheng itself, for example, Hangsheng has established a special Hangsheng car Yun Technology Co., Ltd., specialized and independent to carry out vehicle networking operations, it is no longer like the traditional business of Hangsheng do car networking hardware terminal, unlike traditional telematics business monthly charges, while the use of new business model and profit model, which also Hangsheng transformation upgrade to explore the experience.
Pay in the Wu: from the technical level, with the promotion of automatic driving, networking and other technologies, laser cameras, sensors, radar and other applications are increasingly widespread, a lot of cross-border new enterprises will come in, some of the new technology products are replaced by new technologies will face the challenges of transformation and elimination.
Dai Yifan: Internet era of traditional parts manufacturing enterprises will be reflected in the manufacturing process, the product itself and the aftermarket three levels.
In the manufacturing process, the production equipment is mainly reflected in the intelligent, enterprise supply chain management in intelligent, etc.. And the performance of the product itself, in a lot of automotive electronics will be more obvious. For example, the engine electronic control unit, the shift control strategy and so on, in the past just based on the vehicle itself to develop and design, and the future of these parts will cover more information, such as the road ahead. In the course of the Internet, a lot of automotive electronic products on the technical content will be higher.
At present, the mobile Internet in the automotive aftermarket is more obvious, but also the country
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